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HUB404 Atlanta, GA

Get Involved Today

By making a financial contribution to support our work, you can join the HUB404 Atlanta GA initiative.

Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

Funding for the estimated $250 million project will come from a mix of private and public funds, including a variety of local and state sources. Private contributions need to come first to demonstrate the support of the community. The HUB404 Conservancy Board is now raising funds from the private sector to make HUB404 Atlanta GA a reality, with the goal of securing funding to complete the first phase of engineering and the final design in 2020.

HUB404 Atlanta GA

Please Support our Work

Our contributors are critical to the ongoing success of the HUB404 Atlanta GA vision. Please join us by helping to fund the organization and operation of the greenspace. With conceptual studies and surveying now completed, HUB404 Atlanta GA is poised to begin engineering and final design in 2020, with expected completion by 2025. The HUB404 Conservancy, the non-profit responsible for bringing HUB404 Atlanta GA to life, is now seeking funding to complete the first phase of engineering and the final design. With your pledge, we can make HUB404 Atlanta GA a reality.



Contributor: Up to $100

Member: $100-$499

Supporter: $500-$999

Steward: $1,000-$1,999

Champion: $2,000+

Donate to HUB404 Conservancy, Inc.


Please join the following contributors who are already helping create new ground in the form of a transformative public space connecting people and places.


David and Donna Allman

The Ardent Companies

Jeff Armstrong

Jim and Michelle Bacchetta

Jim and Sarah Borders


DLA Piper

Bill and Mary Anne Dingus

Jim and Pat Durrett

Mac and Amy Durrett

Tom and Meredith Durrett

Barbara Fleming

Jay and Arlene Gould

Mike and Jennifer Guynn

Mark Hennessy

Maxine Hicks

Allie Kelly

Dennis and Helena Liotta

Robin and Frances Loudermilk

Jimmy and Sarah Ellen Love

Marcus Foundation

Court and Kristin Thomas

Jay and Ann Wolverton


Thad and Beth Ellis

Don and Lucia Miller

Walton Reeves and Cathy Enright

Scotty and Margaret Greene

Matt and Heather Rendle

Scott and Rita Werbel


Herbert and Katharine Ames

Mark Deutschmann

Darion and Raquel Dunn

Matt and Claire Gore

Tony and Brooks Peters

Scott and Janice Snipes

HUB404 Atlanta GA

Get Involved Today